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LOQI London Luggage cover

Have you ever bought a brand new luggage and only after one trip it looked like it had been through a hurricane ?

If you favor hard cover luggage, more often than not it would get deeply scratched or dented while handled at the airport and if you have a material covering your bag then you can most certainly expect greasy stains or wet spots, rips and broken zippers. I must admit that I have tried it all- I used to have a darker luggage to make these blemishes less visible, then I used the cellophane wrapping services at the airport, only to be asked at check in to remove a pound from the already tightly sealed suitcase. I even bought a suitcase with a nylon cover, which turned out to be just as useless, since its zipper broke after one trip. In short, I gave up on the idea to maintain decent looking luggage.

I purchased over the years numerous suitcases, both hard and soft shell, a combination of the two, carbon fiber, “scratch-less”, waterproof, pricey, cheap, larger, smaller, bright and dark colors, you name it to end up with the same result – disfigured and sloppy looking pieces, which I had no choice but to throw away after only one trip,  or give to my nieces for their art projects. For 20 years, I can honestly say, that I have never had an accident free bag after reluctantly handing it at check-in. I spent LOTS of money…. I had already lost hope I will travel with decent looking luggage when I stumbled upon these luggage covers by accident.

I was attracted by the arty design and seemingly user-friendly aplication and timidly ordered just one to see what it was like and if it would work.

BINGO! … Finally, after the entire trip (which included 3 flights), the suitcase wrapped with the LOQI cover was completely blemish free! The cover itself had a few stains, which easily came off when I washed it. Since these covers come by size, it fit comfortable my medium size bag, I ordered some more on Amazon for a larger and a smaller bag. I am finally worry-free when it comes to the appearance of my luggage and I can not believe I will not be buying a new set just as yet. These covers are a must- they come in a variety of great arty designs and matching hand bags which you will totally fall in love with- click on “Janet’s Travel Essentials” or “Shop” to check it out. While the covers will obviously not save the wheels, they will  protect the surface of your suitcase from stains, scratches and wet spots. In short, I can’t believe I had not thought of these myself years ago and made a fortune!…:-)

Verdict: These Luggage covers are my top favorite travel gear!



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