Discover the Aurora Lights


Ersfjordboten, Tromso, Norway

Have you seen the exquisite show of the Northern lights in Northern Norway?

This incredible phenomenon has fascinated people throughout history and never seized to amaze those who were lucky enough to observe it. Feel the magic of the Aurora lights from the luxury of the beach front modern Villa Aurora , which we guarantee will exceed your every  expectation. Like fishing, skiing, hiking or simply wish to enjoy this incredible beauty from a vantage point? – you are in the right place. We offer a premium view accommodation in the heart of the most striking scenery and in the epicenter of all the magical action. Get in touch with us on the Contact page or sign up for regular offers and updates.

What is truly amazing about the Norwegian Fjords and more specifically Ersfjordboten in Tromsø  is the fact that the mountains seem alive with the ever changing sun light, shaping and coloring it in rich earthy tones, casting its  magical spell on the enchanted observer.

I had the privilege to be on a holiday in a luxury beach house (Villa Aurora) , right on the ocean, overlooking the most gorgeous scenery, appreciated by professional photographers and nature lovers for decades,  seen frequently on postcards and in magazines. The unfolding majestic fiords, magnetic attraction to tourists and fans of extreme sports- are both intimidating and welcoming. Daily, numerous mountain hikers can be seen challenging themselves on famous trails, or simply admiring the view, whilst picking fresh berries. The winter months offer variety of sports- skiing (traditional terrain to corn snow and powder), snow boarding, snowshoeing, ice skating and tobogganing. If you are into fishing, you may never want to return home – fishing here is not only a sport, it is more like a religion… While you are at it, you will enjoy whale watching and see some incredible marine life around you. Cycling or hiking, indulging in water or winter sports, or simply taking in the beauty around you, I promise you, there is something for everyone. What you may not find enough of may be time, to see and experience everything the area has to offer.

In the villa, my favorite activity was to enjoy the scenery from the balcony or the living-room: I could not stop taking pictures of the amazing nature in front of me – the view kept changing for the better and I could not have enough of it. The sun in the summer never sets and keeps coloring the sky and the fiords in vivid striking tones and shades. Not to mention in the winter the Northern lights create unimaginable colors in the sky that you can only stay in owe with and admire, wondering if this is the same world as we know it.

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