The Silliest questions asked by cruise ship passengers!

1. How long does it take for a deer to become a moose?

2. What time is the Midnight buffet?

3. Does the crew sleep onboard?

4. Do these stairs go up or down?

5. Is the water in the toilet sea water or fresh water?

6. Is this island completely surrounded by water?

7. If you don’t display┬áthe room number, how will we recognize which photos are ours?

8. Complaint from a guest who just boarded in San Pedro- Los Angeles: ” I demand an immediate change of my room. I was told I will have a sea view and all I can see is a parking lot! I will not spend 7 days staring at a parking lot!!!”;

9. If the Captain is the boss of everyone, who is his boss?;

10. How small has to be your face for a mini-facial?;

11. Which stairs go to the front of the ship?;

12 If I can not dive, can I go on a  diving tour?;


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