Cape Kaliakra and resorts

Cape Kaliakra and resorts

Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria

Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa, Black Sea coast, BulgariaWhether just for a day, visiting by a cruise ship, or a full blown summer vacation, you will have an incredible time exploring the stunning Black Sea coast. There are two cruise ship ports-Varna (3rd biggest city in Bulgaria) to the North and Burgas (the 4th largest, after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna)in the South, the distance between the two is about 90 km, or 54 miles. The entire Bulgarian Black Sea Coast stretching from the border with Romania to the North to the Eastern part of Turkey to the South is 378 km  and it will take you about 4.5 hours to drive along, but I bet you will be lured to stop frequently to explore the quaint coastal towns or have a nice seafood meal in a beach shack, so plan to travel longer.

While the Black Sea coast is quite different in terms of landscape and climate from North to South, it is commonly known with its endless golden sand beaches, warm sea water and worldly entertainment and cuisine, making it a perfect summer destination for the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting envy year. The clientele is mostly Eastern and Western Europeans and Locals, however recently many tourists from the Americas and Asia, brought by cruise ships, discover the beauty of this part of the world, famous with its excellent climate, inexpensive holiday properties and the friendly Bulgarian hospitality.

Cape KaliakraIf you start your journey from Cape Kaliakra, which is only 18 km from the Romanian border and 60 km from Varna, you will be stunned by the breathtaking view of the coast – its steep vertical cliffs reach 70 m down to the sea and the remnants of an old fortress from the Middle Ages, create a perfect setting for many legendS associated with the Cape. According to one of them, several Bulgarian girls chose to jump from the high cape into the sea, to avoid being captured and converted to Islam by the Turks. The girls, lead by the beautiful Kaliakra braided and tied their hair together and determined jumped off the cliff to save their Faith.

The fortress itself is believed to have been used successfully by Tracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians, making it an important historical site.

Cape Kaliakra is also a nature reserve, where dolphins and cormorants can be observed, it is also the home of rare breeding birds, fish, amphibians and plants, many of them included in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The biblical fig trees are also dominant on the Cave, casting their shadow and spreading sweet aroma all over.

Cape Kaliakra, Blak Sea Coast, Bulgaria

For the romantics, I would recommend the traditional, yet excellent restaurant at the very tip of the Cape, overlooking the sea, where the sunsets will leave you in owe, while having a refreshing cocktail or enjoying a typical Bulgarian meal.

At Cape Kaliakra, you will not be bored. Aside from the incredible vista, you can take a break playing Golf at some of the best courses in Europe, bathe in the warm waters of private beaches, or indulge in elaborate spa treatments in the luxury resorts near by.

Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa, Black Sea coast, Bulgaria

For those of you who crave quiet luxury and  exhilarating
golf and spa experience- you are in luck. The Thracian Cliffs resort only 10 min away offers understated comfort, combined with unspoiled beaches and tranquil scenery.

Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa, Black Sea coast, Bulgaria

When I first visited the Thracian Cliffs, I was quite impressed with the ambiance of the place- the intense blue of the sea, the electric green of the course, the calm skies and sparkly lake- all blend together in a harmonious symphonie of color, making the striking limestone cliffs stand out with their majestic height and unusual shape. In the words of Gary Player himself : “you will not find a golf course like this anywhere else on the planet”, I would add, neither you will find such a unique view and luxurious, yet cozy summer experience.

Thracian Cliffs Golf and Spa, Black Sea coast, Bulgaria

The beach at first glance looks completely wild, however the Guests can relax in daybeds or for extra privacy can take a stilted deck or a cabana. Easy to find and hard to leave, Bendida Beach is intimate, yet offers every comfort, as well as tasty meals and a great bar selection. Forget about cheap plastic utensils, chilled white wine in glasses awaits you when you come back from a refreshing swim, right on the beach.

Further inland, you can find another great resort- Kaliakria. While it is not directly situated on the beach, it features several large pools, one of which infinity and a gorgeous sea view. Also called “El balcon del Mundo”, or the Balcony to the World, it is no wonder that the spectacular scenery attracts many guests,  some celebrating weddings and other special occasions. The overall atmosphere is one of calm relaxation with a wide choice of sparkling pools and breath taking views.

Kaliakria, Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria