St Kitts

St Kitts

St KittsSt Kitts is a lovely island in the West Indies, bordering the Caribbean Sea on the West and facing the Atlantic Ocean on the East. This unique location gives the island a special character and versatility- you can visit a variety of beaches in one day, enjoying white, gray or black sand, dipping your toes in the ocean or the sea, visiting elegant restaurants or small ones, collectively known as the Strip. Some of the most famous beaches are Major’s Bay, South Frier’s, Frigate Bay South and North, Cockleshell and Sand Bank Bay.

You may choose a different adventure- you can easily reach the lush rainforest by bike, do some hiking or simply marvel the view from above. There are lots of local tour operators or even cab drivers that will offer you good deals to reach the rain forest and even provide guided tours once there.

While St Kitts has its own currency (Eastern Caribbean Dollar or XCD), it is perfectly all right to use US Dollars, however expect the change in XCD (approximate rate $1.00USD = 2.70 XCD). The weather all year round is lovely and as such light summer clothing in a casual manner is the staple here, even in the luxury hotels you can enjoy the overall mood of simplicity, tranquility and relaxation.

St Kitts

One of the best golf courses in the Caribbean is also here- the Royal St kitts Golf Club, featuring 18 championship holes. It is a fun place to golf, the greens are in an excellent shape and the service is impeccable. Joel the friendly Director of Golf Operations is lovely to meet and he is truly helpful and accommodating. It is always a good idea to book a Tee time ahead of time, but generally the golf course is not so busy, unless there is a cruise ship in port and even then you can easily book Tee time on the spot.

While there are set prices, if you play more than once or you are a crew member from the passenger ships, you may be granted a deal or a good discount. This is a dramatically beautiful course and holes 14-17 have a magnificent view of the ocean. The staff in all areas- golf, pro-shop, restaurant are proud of their facility and eager to accommodate so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Royal St Kitts Golf Club

The Golf Course is associated with the Mariott at St Kitts resort, which has a fantastic location also with a white sand beach (beware of hot sand though- wear your shoes!), well maintained pools and about a mile walk to the famous Shiggidy Shack  beach bar on the caribbean side. It’s a great place for BBQ lobster, sunset, drinks and live music…

St Kitts lobster