The purpose of this site is to indulge your desire to travel and explore, by providing you with valuable information about working and living on a cruise ship as well as helping you plan your vacation like a pro, introducing you to some interesting holiday ideas and first hand information on many exotic destinations and hot spots around the world. I promise to share a lot of fun stories gathered while cruising and exploring the world for the last 20 years.

Whether you are interested in making a career at sea, or simply want to see the world cruising and enjoying all the perks a ship has to offer, you can find helpful tips and advise on how to achieve this, what to expect and how to handle variety of challenges we encounter while traveling as a crew member or a  passenger, like wondering what to pack, if you have the right gear or what to do when all the tours are booked or your luggage is lost.

But before I get started, please allow me to introduce myself- my name is Janet and I have been traveling actively since 1995. My first exposure to travel was as a teenager- practicing martial arts I had the chance to compete around Europe and visit some of the oldest capitals. During my summer holidays, in between my semesters at the Sofia University, I had the opportunity to work at some of the premium Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria and fall in love with the hospitality aspect of the tourist industry. I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, learned about their countries and cultures, as well as got a hang of different languages.

Travel was without a doubt the most magical thing to do and once I graduated I began my career at sea. I was lucky to be placed on the biggest cruise ship in the world in 1995 – Royal Caribbean’s “Monarch of the Seas”, where I sailed the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  Since then, I have been incredibly fortunate to visit over 200 cities in 58 countries, sail between all continents, become a 3-stripe officer and honestly say that I have achieved my dream- to see the world.  Throughout the years I was as inspired to learn about the cruise ship business and making a career at sea, as I was fascinated by the amazing ports-of-call and holiday destinations I was more than happy to explore. I met incredible people, made countless friends and realized that traveling is not only my job or some hobby, but a passion, the way to live an interesting and exciting life.

Lots of people- crew members, guests, men and women I meet in various places around the world always ask me questions- how did I begin, what does it take to work and live on a cruise ship, what was my favorite spot in the world, where should they go on a holiday or what cruise to take, what to pack, what to see, etc. I am hoping here I will provide the answers to all these and other questions you may have, offer my expert advise and best practices, provide you with the list of items I can not travel without, where to get them and how much it is reasonable to spend. I hope you enjoy what you see and without any further ado – here is my story….


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