One day onboard or a long career?

One day onboard or a long career? 

This question no one can answer prior to actually being on the job. I started as a bell station attendant myself 20 years ago and intended to stay only a few months. However, the great experience and timely promotion opportunities, as well as the support of mentors onboard made it possible for me to enjoy a long career instead.

Other questions related to the longevity of your stay onboard would be:

– If I get hired, can I choose the ship I like? Once hired, you are free to share a ship preference, but it is highly unlikely you will be granted your wish, considering that the cruise line reserves the right to follow business needs as a priority. Of course, if you have a spouse on a certain ship, you absolutely need to mention it, so the company is aware and try its best to accommodate you.

– Can I expect a fast track career onboard? It is highly likely to progress quickly through the ranks if you do have the necessary skills for the position you occupy and demonstrate integrity, team spirit and high drive to succeed. Nowadays, the cruise lines are growing so fast, an enormous turn over of staff and crew is the every day reality, so in my opinion if you have the desire, you will get the chance, if of course the company has the need of a professional like you.

– What if I get hired, but I don’t like it after a few days/weeks/months and refuse to stay till the end of my contract? Be prepared to pay for all travel expenses should you decide to leave prematurely. Of course, no one will keep you against your will (unless you engaged in some sort of a crime :-), but it will be up to you to cover all your repatriation expenses.

– Will there be people from my country/religion/life style preference onboard? Rest assured that the crew members onboard come from all walks of life, from more than 50 different countries, every religion and age group. You will be able to quickly make friends and the amazing part is that they will be from different countries and religion than yours and somehow everyone gets along pretty well.