Who cruises?

Is this type of vacation for me? Who goes on a  cruise?

Well… basically EVERYONE. There are lots of singles, who want to get away from it all or looking for a short romance/earth shattering experience and subsequent lifetime relationships, honeymooners, young families with little ones, big family reunions, elderly guests and of course cruise lines can accommodate Charters and larger groups who want the ships to themselves. Throughout my career I have seen various different types of groups charting the ship, like the Heavy Metal one (attracting die hard heavy metal fans and some of the most popular metal bands), Budweiser (lots of beer and live concerts), Swingers (self-explanatory), Atlantis (gay and lesbian clientele) and many others, offering their guests a great venue for specific activities in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

If you worry that you will be under or overwhelmed, don’t be – there is always something to do onboard for every age group, different people to meet and activities to join that appeal to every taste and satisfy every interest. However if you are someone who rather have piece and quiet, avoid the time of the year when there are major holidays, school breaks or it is high season for the ports you are visiting.