Sports Gear

Sports Gear

Foldable bike


The foldable bike may be the best friend of any traveller- not only it gives you the chance to put in a good work out, but it also folds nicely and fits into small spaces, like the trunk of your car, a larger kayak, etc, as well as its compactness allows easy storage at home. I found the perfect bike on line a couple of years ago and I can’t believe I lived without this bike until now. I use it to commute, for leisure rides and always take with me wherever I go – especially practical for running errands in the city, exploring ports-of-call when on the ship or when on a  holiday- gives me the chance to reach sights, near by markets and beaches and never worry about traffic, parking space or dealing with the ever so pleasant cab drivers…:-)

The bike I am bragging about is a Citizen bike, which you can see on the Shop page of this site, and purchase from the Citizen bike site or on Amazon, the later is a different brand, but seems like an equally user friendly model.

Citizen bike offers you a range of 5-6 models (from $169- $419 without accessories), all foldable, meant for commutes in the city, but some models great for a rougher terrain, most available in 2 wheel sizes (16″ and 20″), a range of gears (3-6) and all in really awesome colors. The best part- you need no tools, the bike arrives fully assembled and all you need to do is unfold it and voila! – you have your easy, convenient and affordable transportation. The bikes come with 30 days satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty.

As the actual site states, the Wall Street Journal nailed it: ” The folding bike goes cool!” and it most certainly does- with its design, user friendly features and multi purpose application, the bike simply rocks. Oh, did I mention it is only 30 lbs? No kidding, I can carry it with one hand and it makes a very cool accessory for both men and women.

Needless to say, living in a cabin on a ship, I ordered the smallest possible Citizen bike- Tokyo (16″ wheels, 6 speed gear system) for its ultra-compact features and portability. Of course it had to be in the trendy orange color and since I took it for its inaugural ride about 2 years ago- it has become the source of lots of joy for me and pure envy on behalf of my fellow crew members, as well as the locals in Mexico and the Caribbean and I simply can’t wait to take it to Europe next year, where it will stand out with its uniqueness and allow me to sightsee and reach short distances in the most convenient possible way.

Well, check it out for yourselves- isn’t it the cutest bike ever? I get constant compliments and while I am in no way affiliated to Citizen Bike as a company, I gladly offer you my recommendation, as I believe that good quality and practicality should always be encouraged and advertised.


Needless to say- I went crazy wit the accessories- I did order the much more comfortable seat for only $18 extra dollars, the bag ($29.00), LED lights $12, a bottle and a holder- $9 and the locking mechanism, to not only pimp my ride, but naturally- to enhance the riding experience… :-)

There are plenty more accessories to choose from, I regularly go back the website to check them out.


Another great accessory is the arm mirror, which I found incidentally on Amazon as well. It is great, as it doesn’t require to be mounted on the bike itslf, you can use on different bikes and let’s face it- it is just too cool!


Whether you choose to own a bike or rent one, have fun exploring or commuting, while giving yourself a good workout. The foldable bikes are an excellent choice for those who love to travel and exercise.

P.S. There is nothing better than a nice glass of wine after an exciting day on the bike. Below- in my cabin on the ship-as you can see I did not even bother to fold the bike- it really doesn’t take much space either way and I just love having it around :-)



Transparant Kayak

glass kayak
Transparent Molokini Kayak. Discover. Explore. See. Witness fascinating lake or sea life through the sleek transparent hull. This is a great investment whether your goal is serious research or a child’s voyage of discovery. The possibilities are endless. It is fully collapsible for easy transportation and storage. It assembles / disassembles just like a tent! Grab a partner for your next expedition… it’s made to carry 2 passengers, with a capacity up to 425 lbs.

When I saw this kayak online, I thought to myself, this is too cool! how come no one thought of this years ago? So, the first opportunity I got to check it out first hand was in Key West. I signed up for what looked like a nice tour, called “Clearly Unique”. The Skipper (and Owner) Chance and his guide Terry were very informative, pleasant and accommodating. They took us to a mangrove lagoon where we had the chance to explore the area in the transparent kayaks and witness the wild life above and beneath the water line. The view beneath us was exactly what I expected: it was like I have put my snorkeling mask and set off to learn about the marine life. Later, the tour took us to a ship wreck site, where we had the chance to snorkel for real and I even managed to get on one of those paddle boards and enjoy the sun, while having a good rowing work out. I later learned that this Kayak can easily be stored, when collapsed and it is also pretty lights- something everyone should take into consideration when traveling. Unfortunately, when I checked on Amazon, this Kayak was not available, however you can get it directly from the Clear Blue website. Check it out under the Shop page of this site.





If you are someone like me (who does not dive), you would never consider purchasing a wetsuit. In my mind, I always imagine wetsuits like something totally uncomfortable, heavy and movement restricting. How many of you have seen divers coming out of the water seemingly suffocating in their unflattering thick neoprene suits, looking like whales? I do not want to sound vein, but seriously- I had never seen anyone looking good in a wet or drysuit for that matter, unless of course you are Agent 007 or his gorgeous other half.

While back in the day, the dry/wet suits were used predominantly by divers, nowadays they became extremely popular amongst everyone keen on water sports – surfing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, even snorkeling, fly-boarding, kayaking, etc. Not only they became lighter and a better quality of neoprene, but also much more flattering and designer like. Finally, I gave in- I could not resist to try a wet suit and appreciate the advantages of keeping me warm and prolong my time in the water. While I do not dive, I indulge in almost all other water sports and getting cold sooner rather than later was always a big deal breaker for me. The myth that the diving gear was always super heavy was another reason I did not care for it, but the modern wet suits are extremely light and take minimal space in the luggage.

I did my research and decided that my favorite brands are Roxy and Billabong. I now own two wetsuits – a 2mm Short John Wet suit and a 2 mm Springsuit and both have been excellent- not only they keep me warmer in the water, but they are so comfy, I do not feel the urge to get out of them as soon as possible. Of course, if you are a professional diver or a surfer, you may consider a more serious gear, like a full drysuit, which does not allow water to get between you and the suite and will preserve the body temperature better, but if you are an amateur water sports enthusiast, then a Short John ora  Springsuite are just fine.

Here are a few models to give you an idea what I am talking about. Of course, I am not affiliated to neither Roxy, nor Billabong, but I like their models best, which is why I chose them as examples :-)