Ersfjordboten, Tromso, Norway


Have you seen the exquisite show of the Northern lights in Northern Norway?

This incredible phenomenon has fascinated people throughout history and never seized to amaze those who were lucky enough to observe it. Feel the magic of the Aurora lights from the luxury of the beach front modern Villa Aurora , which we guarantee will exceed your every  expectation. Like fishing, skiing, hiking or simply wish to enjoy this incredible beauty from a vantage point? – you are in the right place. We offer a premium view accommodation in the heart of the most striking scenery and in the epicenter of all the magical action. Get in touch with us on the Contact page or sign up for regular offers and updates.

Tromso, Norway

What is truly amazing about the Norwegian Fjords and more specifically Ersfjordboten in Tromsø  is the fact that the mountains seem alive, bathed in the ever changing sun light, giving them unique shapes and coloring the peaks in rich earthy tones. At night, the dramatic sunsets are breathtaking , casting their  magical spell on the enchanted observer.

villa Aurora TromsoI had the privilege to be on a holiday in the above mentioned luxury beach house (Villa Aurora) , right on the ocean, overlooking the most gorgeous scenery, appreciated by professional photographers and nature lovers for decades,  seen frequently on postcards and in magazines. The unfolding majestic fiords, magnetic attraction to tourists and fans of extreme sports- are both intimidating and welcoming. Daily, numerous mountain hikers can be seen challenging themselves on famous trails, or simply admiring the view, whilst picking fresh berries. The winter months offer variety of sports- skiing (traditional terrain to corn snow and powder), snow boarding, snowshoeing, ice skating and tobogganing. If you are into fishing, you may never want to return home – fishing here is not only a sport, it is more like a religion… While you are at it, you will enjoy whale watching and see some incredible marine life around you. Cycling or hiking, indulging in water or winter sports, or simply taking in the beauty around you, I promise you, there is something for everyone. What you may not find enough of may be time, to see and experience everything the area has to offer.

In the villa, my favorite downtime was to enjoy the scenery from the balcony or the living-room: tempted to tak pictures of the amazing nature in front of me every 5 minutes – the view kept changing for the better and I could not have enough of it. The sun in the summer never sets and keeps coloring the sky and the fiords in vividly striking tones and shades. Not to mention, in the winter, the Northern lights create unimaginable colors in the sky that you can only stay in owe with and admire, wondering if this is the same world as we know it.

More on the activities in the area…


Northern Lights Extravaganza

The Northern Lights have attracted people’s attention and provoked admiration for centuries. To this day the spectacular play of the Aurora Lights in the Northern Sky leaves the stunned witnesses in owe. While groups of tourists get transported to the Erdfjordboten by busses from the town of Tromso, the guests of Villa Aurora can observe this magnificent spectacle from the comfort of their cozy home, having front seats in the midst of the action.

What are the Nothern Lights? Also known as “Aurora Borealis” in the North and ” Aurora australis” in the South, this unique natural phenomenon represents collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Auroral displays appear in many colours although pale green and pink are the most common. Shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet have been reported and recorded on camera in some instances. The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow.

Prepare your good cameras and arm yourselves with lots of patience, as even though the Northern Lights may seem to appear illusive and sporadic, once you see them, you will realize that your time waiting was all worth it.




Those who love fishing, will tell you, without a doubt, that the best thing you can do in your free time is ….  not surprisingly – fishing. And to fish at Ersfjordboten may be one of the most rewarding experiences. The locals can tell you this… if you are lucky you can get a nice catch by finding a spot along the coast right outside villa Aurora or renting a boat and going deeper in the ocean, where you can catch bigger fish to brag about.

The species that usually come around are salmon, halibut, cod, the Norwegian sei, herring and it is not unusual to see dolphins and even whales in the area, however these are not permitted to be captured. If you wish, you can bring your own gear or sign up for a fishing trip with the local tour operators, who will provide fishing equipment upon availability. I personally always bring my own fishing gear, as I think this is part of the experience and eliminates the husstle looking for one.

Fishing is a national sport here and main source of food and income  for the native inhabitants for thousands of years and you can hear many interesting and not always very true fishing stories from the locals, who will proudly point to you the best spots for fishing and show you their biggest catch.
So, if you are up for it, here are some suggestions for fishing trips:

Skiing and snowboarding

Ersfjordboten is the Mecca for those who love skiing . The mountains are everywhere and one more beautiful than the other. The winter season is long (November-May) and while avalanches are always a reality, the fans of extreme sports are always searching the slopes for the best freestyle rides.

Imagine skiing on a pristine and fresh snow-covered mountain without waiting in long lines or constantly weaving through inexperienced skiers. Skiers can experience fresh powder, steep descents, natural contours and smooth corn snow. Experienced skiers usually find that traditional ski resorts only offer predictable terrain in non-ideal conditions, so if you want to learn to ski powder or improve your powder technique, venture off-piste for the first time or to experience the adrenaline pumping steeps then you may be in the right place.

Saying this, I do not advocate for any risky  extreme sport, especially not free style skiing, as I am one of those who go to the “boring” slopes, so below is a link to a great place to enjoy your vacation skiing in more traditional conditions.


Mountain Hiking and Mountain Climbing

There are as many hiking trails as there are mountains in the area. From light terrain to medium and the most difficult- the choice is yours. The most popular trails closest to Villa Aurora are Nattmålsfjellet and Buren.

While there are many options, the below Norwegian link can provide you with detailed information about the difficulty level of the different trails. Whether in the summer or in the winter, the trip will be unforgettable and the views stunning.


Snowshoeing, ice skating and tobogganing

There are varieties of fun trips organized by tour companies in Tromso, some of which include- Snowshoeing, ice skating and tobogganing. You can also warm up next to a bonfire and listen to the stories from your guide. This is the perfect family activity(children min age 3/4) and anyone keen to try new activities.

Whale Watching

Have you seen dolphins or whales from a close distance? These unique mammals are around in these waters all year round. Tours organized in Tromoso daily:



Did you bring your bike? You can certainly explore the area on your own bicycle or you can join organized tours taking you to some of the best bike trails in the world.